COVID-19 Update

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COVID-19 Update

Covid-19 announcement web

R+D would like to thank our customers and our partners during this uncertain time. We are committed to providing the highest-quality automation equipment for use in combating this disease and helping the public.

While we are all experiencing constant changes and uncertainty during these unprecedented times, R+D is honored to announce that under the Defense Production Act of 2020, we are working closely with one of our key partners to develop and manufacture essential automation machinery vital to the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials and production. We look forward to our calling in helping our partner in the battle against the Coronavirus.

We have a great team of dedicated employees at R+D who are working long hours and weekends to ensure we meet these stringent machine deadlines that will provide another weapon that could prove crucial to this virus’ defeat. While we look forward in being able to resume normalcy in our lives, we all know that the path during the next few months will be critical in determining our success against this pandemic. R+D would like to thank all of our pharmaceutical, medical device, and life science customers as we’ve heard the many stories of how we are all working to defeat COVID-19. To the front line healthcare professionals and first responders taking care of our sick, know that we are working hard to help you in your fight. Thank you for trusting R+D. We are proud to be doing our part.

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