Automation for Wide Variety of Applications

See Examples of Processes Our Machines Can Automate

R+D Automation has wide-ranging capabilities to design, build and maintain machines that automate manufacturing and processes of the Life Sciences industry. Below you will see just some of the applications our custom machines have been designed for.

Medical Disposables

  • IV Bags – Automation to assemble, print, inspect and stack IV bags. Material is fed off rolls and bonded with radio frequency (RF) welding. Label copy is printed and inspected for accuracy and print quality. Finished product is robotically separated and stacked.

  • Fluid Filters – Automation to punch filters and assembly into housing. Filter material is punched and placed into housings then ultrasonically welded into place. High-resolution, high-magnification vision systems evaluate the quality and completeness of the assembly process.

  • Sharps Containers – Automation to assemble and print on sharps containers. The assembly equipment interfaces directly to the injection molding machine (IMM).

  • Pump Cassettes – Automation to assemble and test cassettes for IV smart pumps. Components are bonded ultrasonically and use pressure leak decay testing to ensure proper assembly.

Medical Devices

  • Catheters – Automation to ultrasonically cut fluid path holes in long-term-use catheters.

  • Syringes – Automation to plasma-coat plastic syringes, clean, inspect and package. Final packages are sterilized and ready to use (RTU).

  • Inhalers – Automation to assemble inhalers and fill dose chambers with powder. Sub-assemblies are manufactured in an ISO 7 environment and transferred to ISO 5 for filling.

  • Auto Injectors – Automation to assembly, label, load carpuject and final package auto injectors. All assembly systems, labelers and final packaging machinery integrated and ran off together in-house.


  • Syringe Filling – Automation to fill and cap syringes in an ISO 5 aseptic environment. Finished syringes are transferred to the controlled not classified (CNC) environment for labeling.

  • Bag Filling – Automation to add drug to bags and apply labels. Ports are sanitized to a 10-log reduction and drug is added to the contents of the bag. Bags are transferred to the controlled not classified (CNC) environment for labeling.

  • Ampule and Vial Pooling – Automation to pool vials and ampules to common source bags in an ISO 5 aseptic environment.

  • Filling – Automation to compound narcotics, anesthetics, and diluent into a common source bag in an ISO 5 aseptic environment. Compounding is performed with custom 3-channel gravimetric peristaltic pumps.


  • Radioactive Vial Handling – Automation to inspect and package radio-pharmaceuticals. System is networked to receive commissioned serial numbers for traceability and chain of custody.

  • Diagnostic Test Kits – Automation to assemble and inspect blood test kits. Matrix material is cut to the correct dimension and placed in the reaction tray. Trays are assembly using ultrasonic welding and finished parts are inspected with high resolution vision systems.

  • Lateral Flow Testing – Automation to assemble and inspect diagnostic test strips. Nanoliter dispensing is used to apply reagents to the test strip and inspected under high magnification for placement and volume.

Actions That Can Be Automated

The automation systems we build can incorporate the following actions:

  • Integrated Vision Guidance/Inspection
  • Laser Technology
  • Dispensing, Bonding, & Curing of Adhesives
  • Feeding & Loading of Cannula or Needle
  • RF Welding
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Tube Handling
  • Collating & Web Handling
  • Liquid Filling & Labeling
  • Blister Handling
  • Functional Testing
    • Torque & Force
    • Pressure Decay
    • Leak Check
  • Feeder Technology
    • Vibratory
    • Flex Feeders
    • Shaker Trays
  • Tray Handling & Vacuum Sealing
  • Plasma Treating

Technologies Used in Automation

  • Precision Link
  • Continuous Motion
  • Rotary
  • Inline
  • Walking Beam
  • Cam Controlled
  • Servo Controlled
  • Robotic Systems


“Reliable, dependable, on target … that’s been my experience.”

– Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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Full Scope of In-House Services

  • Consulting & Collaborating
  • Planning
  • Process Development
  • Machine Design
  • Software Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly & Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Qualification
  • Post-Installation Support
  • Preventative Maintenance

Automation Beyond Life Sciences

While we focus on automation for the Life Sciences industry, our knowledge of automation and our experience in other industries allows us to design and build superior solutions for other industries.

We are unsurpassed at collaborating with our customers to design machines that are optimally aligned with their goals – no matter the industry.

Call us in Wisconsin at 262-298-7250 to discuss how we can help.

Machines Designed for Compliance

Our custom-designed systems incorporate proven technologies, allowing us to more efficiently manufacture machines with the highest reliability possible, and to comply with all regulatory requirements of your sector. You can be confident that our machines will meet the Life Sciences industry’s exacting requirements for regulatory compliance.

The documentation we use in machine development and testing can by used by our customers for FDA validation.

A Krones Group Company

As a member of the international Krones Group of companies, R+D Automation’s capabilities are enhanced and supported, which strengthens our operations to the benefit our our customers.