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Optimize RF Welding for Efficiency and Savings

Heating plastic to join materials together is performed in numerous ways and done to most disposable medical devices.  Radio Frequency welding is a common method widely used in the industry.  The way power is applied to the material can be done in multiple ways.

To enhance the efficiency and energy savings of RF welding, consider our patented method, which reduces cycle time while conserving energy. Here’s a concise breakdown:

Traditional Approach:

  • Full power application can lead to rapid initial heating, causing impedance changes and detuning.
  • Improperly tuned systems may distribute RF power inefficiently, affecting the welding process.

Our Solution:

  • Utilize an ‘S’ curve power profile to regulate temperature changes and maintain tuning efficiency despite impedance shifts.
  • Implementing this method allows for a more controlled power ramp-up, resulting in quicker weld completion with reduced energy consumption.
  • Reducing the amount of reflected RF due to tuning efficiency creates a safer work environment.

Let’s discuss how this approach can benefit your operations.


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