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R+D Automation Leverages Acquisition by The Krones Group to Strengthen Position As Leader in Life Sciences Automation

Dec. 18, 2023, TREVOR, Wis. – R+D Automation is positioned for new growth, with a new brand and new website that position the company as a preferred source of systems that automate processes and manufacturing in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors – all backed by the stature and global reach of its new parent company, The Krones Group.

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“For more than 30 years, we’ve quietly focused on partnering with some of the world’s biggest life sciences corporations, as well as start-up companies that want the benefits of automation,” said Loren Esch, CEO. “As we recently engaged in strategic planning for our future, that focus on the life sciences industry became even clearer, so now it’s time to more boldly tell our story.”

The new strategy comes a year after the company was acquired by Krones, a Germany-based international leader in process, filling and packaging technology that, Esch said, “has been an incredible partner, and very supportive of our growth initiatives.”

Eric Holmes, chief technical officer at R+D Automation, praised Krones’ approach toward companies it acquires.

“Krones has been very careful about not changing our DNA, “Holmes said. “They acquired us for who we are and for our capabilities in the life sciences world. Now they are helping us better serve our markets.”

The affiliation with Krones is presenting new opportunities in markets outside the United States.

R+D Automation can now leverage Krones’ presence in markets throughout the world to support installations and service in other countries. Prior to the acquisition, R+D Automation had a limited number of installations overseas.

“When prospective customers learn that we are now part of Krones, there is a tremendous amount of confidence in our capabilities,” Esch said. “It’s really opening more opportunities here and abroad.”

R+D Automation’s new brand emphasizes its focus on medical devices and pharmaceutical automation in the life science industry – with a new logo to convey the brand message.

The company’s new website, at, was completely redesigned so prospective customers immediately understand what R+D Automation does, and the markets it serves. The new site details the types of life sciences automation that R+D excels at, includes pictures and video of machinery it has built, explains the types of companies it works with, and lays out its after-market service and support.

“With the expanded message and detailed descriptions of what we do and who we work with, the new website will contribute significantly to R+D’s growth strategy,” Esch said. 

In addition to the brand update and new website, the company is now operating as R+D Automation, rather than R+D Custom Automation. People looking to automate processes and manufacturing in the life science industry know that the solutions are customized, Esch noted, so the new operating name allows for a simplified presentation.


About R+D Automation

R+D Automation designs, builds and maintains machines that automate manufacturing and processes of the life sciences industry. Its customers range from global life sciences corporations to start-up companies that want to benefit from automation. From its headquarters in southeastern Wisconsin halfway between Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and Milwaukee, it serves clients throughout the U.S. as well as abroad. The company was founded in 1977, and in 2022 became part of The Krones Group – an international family of companies with a focus on process and manufacturing automation. Learn more at


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