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Doug Landwer Retires After 40+ Years at R+D

R+D Custom Automation recognizes Doug Landwer upon his retirement, after 40+ years with R+D.  Doug came to R+D as a high school part-time employee, cleaning up and helping out wherever needed. He transitioned to full time after high school while he continued his education in the machining trade where he ultimately completed his degree. He continued as a machinist and then worked into electrical build.

As he became more valuable in the electrical build area, his machining took a back seat. Along with the electrical build he started to handle the purchasing side of things and then ultimately the electrical design.

As company founders Ray and Dave transitioned to their next phase, Doug was an integral part of the new ownership group. As part of the new ownership group, Doug’s insights and traits helped us maintain who we were and allowed us to see and describe what we are.

We wish Doug the best, and thank him for all of his hard work through his years at R+D Custom Automation. He will be missed!


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