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R+D Custom Automation Responds to the Pandemic at Warp Speed

On May 15, President Trump launched Operation Warp Speed – a government initiative to find a coronavirus vaccine by January 2021, and secure enough protection for every American. Unfortunately, there is currently a global shortage of the vials used to store vaccines. In fact, the shortage has the potential to prevent a global inoculation drive.

In June, Operation Warp Speed approved a $143 million partnership with SiO2 Materials Science to accelerate the production of vials for storing novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) vaccines and therapeutics.

SiO2 turned to R+D Custom Automation to develop and manufacture the automation machinery essential to vial production. The government contract has mandated increasing annual capacity by scaling up to produce 40 million vials in June, 80 million in September, and 120 million in November.

R+D Custom Automation has been able to respond quickly, outsourcing as needed to meet machine deadlines in an accelerated timeframe.
Thanks to our dedicated employees who are working long hours and weekends, R+D has been able to meet Operation Warp Speed’s demands. What may have taken most companies 18 months to execute, R+D has accomplished in a fraction of the time.

The coronavirus pandemic is a global crisis that presents an epic challenge for us all. Through its partnership with SiO2 Materials Science, R+D is committed to ensuring that a COVID-19 vaccine can be safely produced and distributed as rapidly as possible.


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